Thursday, 29 July 2010

Mousey Mousey!

Here are a couple of little mousey watercolours I played with the other day! They didn't turn out too bad considering I hardly touch my watercolours! In fact I might entertain the idea of doing a few more!
The trouble with me is that I enjoy exploring different mediums. (Oh to have a distinctive style of my very own........maybe one day..sniff!)
Anyway hope you like them..... maybe I should vow to do my next few Illustration Friday posts in watercolour!
Cheerio! Jen


  1. Jenny, i love your wee watercolour mice. I think you do already have a style of you own, but i understand the feeling i htought i didnt have one for a long time, now when i look back i can see in fact i did.

  2. These are wonderful Jenny! I think you have a fab style! Hey thanks for stopping by....p.s. you have a new follower!