Saturday, 10 April 2010

Dedicated Illustration Blog

Hi there! This is my first post under the guise of Enchanted Moon illustration.

I've decided to set up this blog purely to showcase my illustrations and generally dribble on about the things I'm illustrating at the moment. I'm hoping by doing this that I can try to focus any artistic energies I have in a more organised way (who am I kidding?). Unfortunately as I spend most of my days daydreaming about what I want to create and then getting sidetracked, I'm not always too successful..... however I am going to attempt to be more focused! And hopefully with your help and feedback I may achieve some level of success!?!
I have a sister blog called Craft Fetish where I show artsy crafty things that I've made when I've been sidetracked from my drawing and illustrating. Of late I haven't added much due to other things taking over my life but I'm determined to get back on track and at least get creative. So new crafty creations and paintings will be added on that site and this will be the new home for all of my illustrations!.........

First Up..... Horoscope Card Illustrations

Here are two finished colour illustrations for a series of Horoscope cards. I'm hoping once I've got all 12 coloured, to try and get them published by some lovely card publishing company (Publishers, if you're out there and are interested don't be shy!!)
At the moment I've got all of the line art completed so it's just a case of working through the colouring process.
Here are Taurus and Capricorn in the nude so to speak....
With this series I'd already designed the line art for the set but hadn't attempted to do the colouring. - Originally I designed the set for the rubber craft stamp business I used to own where I designed and manufactured the stamps myself. I think because I created so many designs for the stamps my illustrative style has centered on creating strong line art. Now I don't run the stamp business I feel I want to free my style up a bit and get stronger on the colouring side. That said I still think these illustrations are usable so I'll hang on in there and colour them up and see where they take me!
So that said I'm off to do some colouring..... cheerio. Jen


  1. I'm loving your horoscope series, the swirls on aries make him look so hairy lol (in a cute way). Will love to see the rest~

  2. Thanks Esther. Will post some more soon hopefully!

  3. it's wonderful :D inspired me to make my own, ofc i won't copy them or anything, it's just they've made me want to make some zodiac cards myself :D