Thursday, 27 May 2010

Not a Happy Bunny!

I hope you didn't think it was me that was the unhappy bunny!
I was meaning the grumpy old White Rabbit from Alice.... who as we know is always running rather late and is constantly in fear of the Queen of Hearts!
After the topic of EARLY for this week's Illustration Friday, I automatically thought what would I do for LATE? I guess the White Rabbit is a little obvious but I fancied having a go at him... so here he is a quick pencil sketch... photoshopped to within an inch of it's life! (only joking.... just a smidge of PS!) Hope you like him!
Have a great long weekend! Jen


  1. He's lovely! I didn't manage the early one last week, I hope I'm not to 'late' too! ;o)

  2. Adorei seu blog, muito inteligente e criativo.

  3. i love your white rabbit, his expression say it all!