Monday, 28 June 2010

Secret Garden

Doodling away again... don't know what's got into me....... I suspect I've super-glued my pencil to my hand or something. Anyway this time a little girl wanted to be drawn. I didn' have any preconceived ideas about what I wanted to draw but this is what appeared. I think the nearest thing I can think of is the story the Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett where the little girl finds the long lost garden.... all overgrown and forgotten. (Love that story BTW!) Anyway here she is all curious..... all I needed to add was a little robin, like the one that led her to the garden...... maybe I'll add him sometime!
Byeeeee! Jen

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Nutkin and Caw

Well the muse seems to be with me at the moment. Had a go at incorporating little Nutkin (see previous post) into a scene. Here he is riding the skies on his best friend Caw the crow. They enjoy nothing better than flying high above the fields, looking for a new adventure....... have to see what happens next! ??? !
Cheerio! Jen

Pencil Character sketches

Some more little characters that appeared from the end of my sharpest pencil in my sketchbook!
I thought I'd share! Will maybe try to develope them into some full blown illustrations.....
Hope you like them?

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Satellite - Illustration Friday

Well here's an old rendering I did many years ago called Satellite of Love. When I saw the Illustration Friday topic this week (Satellite) I thought of it straight away. It was created using 3D software and Photoshop. An oldie maybe but I think still a goodie!?
Hope you have a great week! Jen

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Paisley - Illustration Friday

Here's my offering for this week's Illustration Friday topic, Paisley. I love Paisley patterns - I'm a wee bit of a hippy at heart so I thought these two characters would be happy in a hazy, Paisley background.
It was fun to do!
I've just been doodling again in my sketchbook and for some unfathamable reason I draw a little Santa??? The sun is beaming down here in Devon so why he popped into my head I don't know. Anyway with Paisley still fresh in my mind I got Mrs Claus to make him a nice red paisley Santa Suit.
Hope you like them!
Have a great week too! Jen

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Tatjana the Tightrope Walker

I was quite happy with my character Beefy Boris, (see previous post!). He's sort of inspired me to have a go at some other circus characters. So here's Tatjana the Tightrope walker, (aka Agnes Kipper from Lewisham) way up high in the Big Top, balancing beautifully on her high-wire. There is so much scope for creating colourful and daring characters in the circus that this may be the beginning of a flurry of drawing.... yippee! fingers crossed and all that!
Anyway just so you can see how Tatjana started off, here's my initial pencil sketch of her.

Hope you like her..... maybe I should have a go at a Lion Tamer next.... mmmmmm!
Cheerio! Jen

Ripple - Illustration Friday

Well here's my submission for the latest Illustration Friday topic, Ripple.
It's a bit of a tenuous link but when I told my partner that this week's topic was Ripple he immediately said what about a strongman with rippling muscles. At first I was a little dubious but I often think it's good to explore the 'not so obvious'.

So here we have Beefy Boris Bertollini (aka Sidney Pratt from Pinner). Zippo's Circus strongman act. He was one to make the ladies faint or giggle hotly behind their handkerchiefs when he struck the pose and rippled his muscles!

Hope you like him, just a bit of fun!

Have a terrific week! Jen.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Young Fire Dragon

Just doodling in my sketchbook yesterday and voila it turned into a dragon -funny how often that happens! :-)..... - Anyway had a play at colouring him and so I though I'd share him with you. Hope you like him?

Sunday, 6 June 2010

TRAIL - Illustration Friday

Here's my take on this week's Illustration Friday topic TRAIL.
Sammy and his favourite teddy have climbed the path to the top of the hill. Teddy holds onto the kite which is allowed to trail behind, catching the summer breeze!

Once again the patchwork of fields has crept into the picture. I guess it must be due to the wonderful surroundings we have here in the Devon countryside! I've been taking daily walks with my partner lately as the weather has been so kind. It makes me realise how lucky we are to be living where we do!

Hope you have a lovely week! It's always great to read your comments too.....! Jen