Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Tatjana the Tightrope Walker

I was quite happy with my character Beefy Boris, (see previous post!). He's sort of inspired me to have a go at some other circus characters. So here's Tatjana the Tightrope walker, (aka Agnes Kipper from Lewisham) way up high in the Big Top, balancing beautifully on her high-wire. There is so much scope for creating colourful and daring characters in the circus that this may be the beginning of a flurry of drawing.... yippee! fingers crossed and all that!
Anyway just so you can see how Tatjana started off, here's my initial pencil sketch of her.

Hope you like her..... maybe I should have a go at a Lion Tamer next.... mmmmmm!
Cheerio! Jen


  1. and i follow your ilustrations too! kisses

  2. gorgeous, I love anything to do with the circus, great style!!