Saturday, 19 June 2010

Paisley - Illustration Friday

Here's my offering for this week's Illustration Friday topic, Paisley. I love Paisley patterns - I'm a wee bit of a hippy at heart so I thought these two characters would be happy in a hazy, Paisley background.
It was fun to do!
I've just been doodling again in my sketchbook and for some unfathamable reason I draw a little Santa??? The sun is beaming down here in Devon so why he popped into my head I don't know. Anyway with Paisley still fresh in my mind I got Mrs Claus to make him a nice red paisley Santa Suit.
Hope you like them!
Have a great week too! Jen


  1. This is really retro!!! love it :D

  2. I really like these, I must admit I'm a bit of a hippy at heart too.

  3. I like your paisley Santa :) Nice idea. Is that a jingle bell on his hat?

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments. Yes Karen it is a jingly bell on Santa's hat. Well spotted!
    x x Jen