Sunday, 9 May 2010

FEARLESS - Illustration Friday

Here's my first attempt at this week's Illustration Friday topic 'FEARLESS'.

I say first attempt, as this was one of those drawings you just HAVE to do before you even attempt to sketch any other ideas. Believe me I have numerous ideas for this week's topic (more in a humourous, light-hearted vein) but my mind kept saying NO! draw this one first and then maybe I'll let you have a go at some of the others!!! I know who's the boss when it comes to putting an artistic block on things so I gave in and drew this cute little sleeping baby.

I suppose what's at the back of my mind is being fearless really relates to being unaware of things that need to be feared. From an early age we grow into our fears, some learned, some taught and others imagined but when we are born we don't know anything other than when we are tired, hungry or uncomfortable (I won't go into detail there!)..... so my head kept saying illustrate the fearless state of complete innocence.... so I did!

I will hopefully add another take on this topic in the next day or two.... now that the above little chap is out of the way! I hope you like him?!?
Have fun! Jen


  1. Such a beautiful 'fearless' baby this is! :))

  2. Beautifully drawn and what a cute little teddy bear suit he's wearing!x

  3. Perfect for "fearless"! The bear outfit just adds so many implied elements :)